Hour by hour

6:00am – downstairs to the gym to run, 3 minutes running/3 minutes walk

7:00am – upstairs to shower, get dressed and eat

8:00am – finally make it to school after throwing up three times and having to change my clothes. I’m not sure what’s wrong with my stomach but something hasn’t been right for weeks. Why haven’t I gone to the doctor?

9:00am – team meeting finished, sitting at my desk, stomach still in knots, drinking hot hot tea

10:00am – my students are working quietly, one comes up to my desk to tell me that he hopes I feel better

11:00am – math review, I really need to do math vocab preloading before I start my lessons. My students look at me blankly too often

12:00pm – almost time for lunch but I can still only handle hot tea

1:00pm – my students are in PE, I’m feeling a little bit better

2:00pm – they’re still at PE, yeah 90 minute blocks (?)

3:00pm – almost the end of recess. Yes, they have PE, then recess, this means that I’m super productive right? No. It doesn’t.

4:00pm – waiting in the courtyard for parents to come for students. Some of my students air kiss me on the cheek to say bye. So do the parents, it’s the Chilean way. I’m getting used to it.

5:00pm – Nap time. I’m trying to get to Crossfit at 8.

6:oopm – sleep

7:00pm – sleep

8:00pm – I didn’t make it to Crossfit. I chose not to go. My shoulders hurt, the bottom of my feet hurt, my neck hurts. I don’t feel good about not going so I start doing some work for my master’s course. I get bored.

9:00pm – I install a facebook blocker for google chrome. I give myself 30 minutes a day and then it’ll block facebook and twitter until the next day. Let’s see.

10:00pm – I get inspired and start looking for read aloud books on youtube. My school barely has books in the library and there are only about 10 in my class. Sigh. I may go ahead and buy a class library set from scholastic. I miss New York.

11:00pm – Writing and watching the Walking Dead.

almost 12:00pm – Awake but tired. This is what happens when you take naps but don’t go to Crossfit to really tire yourself out.

End of day.

6 thoughts on “Today

  1. Your writing is very “REAL”– and voice comes through strongly. More than anything, though, I’m concerned about you. I think you need to make that doctor’s visit a priority! Take care of yourself!


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