9 thoughts on “Truthfully

  1. Take a very long hot bath with bubbles, light some candles…etc. Make a plan for some retail therapy, a dinner out, maybe feed some ducks or go hiking. That is what I would do! Oh, and take three BIG belly breaths before you enter the classroom.

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  2. This is an interestingly cryptic post, and you have me intrigued. Especially with the quotes around “teach” I am speculating, but cannot land on a solid inference about what you mean. I would love to here more. Maybe tomorrow’s post?


  3. It is good that you recognize this. . . How often have we met teachers who have no joy for the job of teaching? (not as prevalent as media would have us think, but they are there) It is not dishonorable to learn about yourself in this process called life.


  4. Oh no!? What do you mean by “teach” them (or not “teach” them, I guess in this case)? Hopefully things will turn around… Although I will say that loving your students as people and children first can sometimes be more important than “teaching” them.


    1. I’m excited to see my students. I love talking to them about their families and their likes and dislikes, what they brought for lunch, what they will do after school and all of that. What I don’t enjoy is breaking into those moments with lessons on grammar and writing styles or math or social studies. There must be a way to enjoy my work with children without the teaching part. Perhaps I need to be in an afterschool program, not in the classroom.


    1. Well Carol, I still haven’t wrapped my head around how to approach the topic of not loving teaching anymore but being only 2 weeks into the school year. Hopefully I’ll write something on it soon.


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