Currently, a list for right now

Currently, a list for right now

Listening to the quietness of my classroom but the noise of kinders at PE right outside my window.

 Drinking water. I’m trying to drink a gallon a day.

Wearing my Myanmar lyongi and wishing I had more made while I was there.

Me 2Me

Reading How I wish I could say I was reading something. I started listening to Never Let Me Go by Kazuo Isiguro and I think it could be good but the story got away from me when I stopped paying attention. I’ve been loving audiobooks lately. But I’m mostly reading research articles about induction practices for new and experienced teachers.

Wanting a chicken roti with peppa sauce!


Needing to sit and plan out my lessons for the next 4 weeks. I still feel jumbled and out of sorts. I’m telling myself that it is only week 2 of classes so it’s okay.

Thinking of going on vacation to La Serena and hoping for a cheap ticket to Buenos Aires for my birthday weekend. This is turning out to be a lot more expensive place to live and travel from than I thought.

Enjoying finally having internet at my house. Well, I haven’t started enjoying it yet but I will. Although I wonder if I will miss the Radisson, it gave me a dedicated space to focus solely on work with no distractions. I may find myself going there anyway, just a little less.

4 thoughts on “Currently, a list for right now

  1. I loved this format when I saw Stacey try it the other day, and I love it again seeing you try it! It gives the reader an interesting glimpse into the writer’s life!


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