Missing Days – Rededication

Missing Days – Rededication

Last year was my first year doing the Slice of Life Challenge. I think I may have missed one day but hey, I was working full time AND pursuing a master’s degree in leadership AND adjusting to life in a new country.

This year, I have missed three days and it’s only day 15. Where have I gone wrong I wondered today. I have a reminder set on my phone every day but it seems it goes off just when I am in the most hectic part of my day.

It makes me wonder about avoidance and all the little things I/We do to not do what we know we are better off doing. It’s been happening a little more often this month, scheduling appointments when I know I can’t really make it. Setting alarms for times when I’m too busy, and making plans that conflict. Avoidance. I could get all deep into it and come up with an explanation as to why. I’m gotten too comfortable (how is that a thing?), I don’t want to challenge myself, fear of failure, fear of success…

Instead I’ll just go on ahead and make the changes, readjust and recommit to all those things that I’ve been avoiding.

So I’ve changed my alarm to 8am, when I know I’m more awake, in tune, and have the space to write. Here’s to 15 days of writing, no avoidance.

I’m not even gonna cross my fingers or knock on wood or anything. Just gonna do it!

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