Conversation between me and B.

Me: “What level are you reading at in school now?”

B: “An E or F I think.”

Me: “Wow, you’ve been working really hard. All the way from a B to an E!”

B: “Yeah, I test on level B, then C, then my teacher wanted me to do D. But I didn’t want to do level D, I wanted to do level E. So I say, let me try and maybe my sight words can help me read it.”

Me: “Woah, a level E!  You must be so proud of you. You really like to read now, huh?”

B: “Yeah. It’s fun.”

This little boy came to our literacy program in December and barely wanted to speak. He said he couldn’t read and that he didn’t like to read. This conversation made my day. Not because of his progress in reading, which is great,  but the pride in his voice as he told me how he wanted to read at level E. But even more than that, as we talked some more, he told me about books that he likes and going to the library and I could actually feel how much he likes to read now. If you could have seen his smile and the way his face brightened, I can’t even put it into words. My motivation today.

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