Artificial light

Artificial light

Florescent bulbs all lined up in a row, I do not like you.

My eyes burn from your artificial intensity.

Shoulders slump, back curves, jaw tightens.

Is there real light out there?

Will the Sun still be up when I leave your ever watchful presence over me?

Do those windows open?

Am I the only one craving the light of the Sun?

Florescent bulbs I believe you are some sort of brainwasher

My colleagues work diligently behind their desks, no windows opened, shades drawn

Clack clacking, chat chat chatting, click clicking along

Florescent bulbs you torment me

I count the hours til I see the Sun

7 more to go


2 thoughts on “Artificial light

  1. Argh, that’s the WORST! In 18 years of teaching, I’ve been in interior rooms twelve years and had windows only six. I am convinced that my health is better when I have natural light, and I know that I feel happier walking into my room in the morning when there are windows–which is probably true of my students as well. I do NOT understand why anyone thinks windowless rooms are a good environment for anyone.


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