Monday Morning

Monday Morning

Good morning Monday,

I woke to you, swung my leg over the side of the bed and felt the pain shoot up to my hip. I limped my way to the bathroom and performed my morning ablutions. Wash face, brush teeth, and well, you know. I limped back into the bedroom and back into my bed, turned on my Kindle and clicked on the Calm app. 15 minutes of guided meditation later I swung my leg over the side of the bed again, limping a little less. I grabbed my notebook and pen from the living, made myself some water spiked with apple cider vinegar, and sat down to write my morning pages (shout out to Julia Cameron and her book The Artists’ Way, for turning me on to this.) Goals written and water sipped I thought about going for a run but my hip said no so I did hip opening yoga instead. My life has changed.

My body is different now. My mornings are different. My mind is different. There was a time when my hip didn’t hurt when I got out of bed. There was a time when I didn’t meditate or do yoga. I needed to move quickly. I needed to run, go hard, go heavy. My body has decided that I need to slow down a bit. Take the time to breathe, write, and think. Take the time to take care of my body, stretch it. Now I need to write it all down, make lists, check it twice. I need the time to wake slowly. My life has changed, my body has changed, my mind has changed and it’s all for the better. Slow down. Take time. Breathe.



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