In Transition

In Transition

What can I write about?

I am currently a literacy specialist with a non-profit organization in the Bronx. I work with K-2 students who are a grade level behind in reading and writing. My students love to read and learn about anything. They stumble most when it comes time to write. What’s the stumble?

What can I write about?

Last year when I did the Slice of Life challenge I finally understood what they were talking about. All these years of teaching and I mostly felt like, hey, you can write about anything. It doesn’t matter. Just write. Put anything down on the paper.

And now here I am. I sat down in front of my computer and thought..

What can I write about?

I’m planning to read this post to my students later on today so they can see that I too sometimes struggle with what to write. I want them to see that writing is writing. Get the words on the paper and go back to them later. Hmm, maybe I’ll even edit this for another Slice of Life day. For today, I wrote.

What can I write about?


3 thoughts on “In Transition

  1. Keeping my writers notebook by my side all the time to save my little treasures of the day has helped me immensely over the years to house a plethora of writing ideas. My issue now is having too much to write about and all I can do is pour a brain dump on the page! My third graders start out the year stumped and it takes awhile to get them into the flow of understanding that anything is worth writing about. Now, they would write through recess if they could – well, some of them. šŸ™‚ I’ve found that realistic fiction, fantasy and partner stories have really fueled their motivation in writing. šŸ™‚


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