Sometimes I need a nap

Sometimes I need a nap

I’m sitting in an adventure sports office in San Pedro de Atacama, Chile. My friend and I have walked and cycled here from our cozy ecolodge and we’re about to book a sandboarding lesson. I start to cry. Silently. Tears just start rolling down my face and I’m reaching under my sunglasses to wipe them away quickly before my friend sees them. I don’t know what is happening, all of a sudden I am overwhelmed. I want to lay on the floor and sob out loud. I don’t. I ask for a moment and go outside. My friend comes with me and we walk in a circle, looking at this town built for tours, one adventure tour, souvenir shop and restaurant after another. All in a tight little square. I continue to be overwhelmed. I don’t like this town. We circle back to the office. I breathe.  We book for another day and walk and cycle back. I need to take a nap. I find some books, grab my bottle of water and go lay outside in the Sun. I like it here, outside the town, the mountains in the distance, the two dogs curiously sniffing and the rattan chairs out in the brown grass. I fall asleep on one of those chairs, my book open on my lap and the Sun warming my feet.

Sometimes I just need a nap.

6 thoughts on “Sometimes I need a nap

  1. You had me with the words “sometimes I need a nap”- what an unexpected setting, though! I went to Chile once. Our family was living in Peru and the kids and I had to leave the country overnight in order to renew our visas so we could stay there (my husband had a different type of visa and didn’t have to go). We flew over the border, then met a driver who drove us across the desert to the small town where we would stay overnight and go to the office where our visas were processed. It was surreal, very scary to get in a car with a stranger and drive across such a forbidding landscape. I can identify with your feeling and need to cry. I felt like that, but being responsible for two children, I didn’t dare.


    1. Wow. I can’t imagine getting into a car with a stranger with my children. Sometimes children help us keep our emotions together. I’m glad I could cry though😀😀


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