Hotel night

Hotel night

Big beds

Freshly washed sheets


Bathrooms with bathtubs

Mini bottles of shampoo and conditioner

Room service

Mini bars

Hotel stationary

The bible in the bedside drawer

I love hotels. I’ve finally learned to accept it. I’ve been a budget travel for a long time. Couchsurfing at first, then a gradual upgrade to hostel dorm rooms, hostel singles with shared bathrooms, airbnb apartments, and now hotels.

Today I treated myself to a hotel room knowing that this will probably be one of few days that I can stay in one on this voyage through Chile. (Truthfully I’ve only made it down to Santiago and I don’t see myself leaving anytime soon. So it’s not really a voyage through Chile as it is a go to one place and roam around in Chile thing.)

I will sit here and watch WB, the only English station, into the wee hours of the night. Eventually I will order something from room service, just because I can. I will drink all of the tea and coffee, wash my hair and use all of the shampoo and conditioner, wrap myself in fluffy towels and lay out on the bed. In the morning I will head upstairs for the complimentary breakfast and at 12 I will walk to reception and check out. Out and back to airbnb where no one washes my sheets, no one makes the bed, and there is no room service. I will enjoy this evening. I won’t be taking advantage of my time in Santiago. No Friday night out. No museum. No shows. No pub crawls or meetups.

Just me, here, in this room, laying around, feeling luxurious, if only for one night.

5 thoughts on “Hotel night

  1. Hi! I just found you on TWT SOL – Love the title of your blog. I completely relate to this post as I have incrementally climbed the ladder of lodgings while scrimping my way to world travels.


  2. The first time I stayed in a hotel alone was because of a cancelled flight. I was stuck in a cheap hotel (because it was at the airline’s expense) near JFK in New York, and it was late at night and I was worried about washing my clothes so I could re-wear them the next day while also worrying about being undressed all night in a hotel room by myself. I wish I’d enjoyed it more! Since then I have stayed alone many times and it really is a fun thing to do. I’m thinking it might be the best way to have a vacation of the mind.

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