Weekends in Antofagasta – Lately

Weekends in Antofagasta – Lately

When I first arrived in Antofagasta I wanted to take it all in. The first two weekends I walked around, went to the market, caught different buses just to see where they went and bypassed buses back to my apartment just so I could walk a little longer. I woke up in the mornings to run along the sidewalk by the beach, I went to Crossfit regulary for a good 4 weeks, and I sought out places to eat or drink. There isn’t really much to see, it isn’t a “pretty” place. The graffiti is sometimes gorgeous, sometimes just obnoxious, but so is all graffiti in my eyes. There isn’t much green, it is the desert after all, and the view of the beach is better than actually being on the beach since it is often covered in the leftover trash and litter from late night BBQs. But I enjoy it. It feels small although it is big and so long as there is a local market with fresh fruit and vegetables I’m okay.

Lately however, I haven’t spent much time roaming around or venturing out. I’ve told myself that I “should” go out more, I “should” go for a run in the mornings, I “should” go back to Crossfit, I should, I should, I should. But I’ve just come back inside from sitting on my bedroom balcony reading my book and watching the waves crash. I put my feet up on the railing and a pair of sunglasses on to shade my eyes from the powerful sun. I had a glass of white wine by my side and I was content. I like the quiet, I like the sound of waves interspersed with the cars driving by on the highway that runs along the beach. It is comfortable.

This morning I read a post about travel. I read posts about travel all the time.  They are mostly about how travel changes you, awakens you or sometimes I’ll read the top 10 places you should travel to this year or what you should be doing when you go to xyz. (There goes that should word again.)This one was a simple two paragraphs on traveling the way you want. Do what you want and go where you want. Don’t get caught up in what you should be doing, what others are doing, or what made the top 10 list. Travel does not inherently change you. It does not make you more enlightened or aware, it could but it isn’t automatic. Do what you want, it’s your time. So lately, I want to spend my weekends in the cocoon of my bedroom and my balcony. With a book or a movie(s). A glass of wine. Shades. And the sound of ocean and cars. Simple. I like it.

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