Poetry makes me feel like a teenager

Poetry makes me feel like a teenager

Seemingly crippled
Slick with the residue of new birth
Legs shaky but determined
Needing the slightest of nudges
A nose push 
to get right
Stand up
And walk forward
Til finally 
A trot
A gallop
A run
A breakaway from what you came from

Wisdom is knowing
Feelings, emotions, fleeting
Take it all lightly

I wish my people knew
How often tears flow in early mornings
I wish my people knew
How rare sleep comes
I wish my people knew
There are hidden vodka bottles in my house
I wish my people knew
How much I hurt
I’m glad they know nothing

6 thoughts on “Poetry makes me feel like a teenager

  1. Love your title. I’m curious about how these three poems are related… if they are at all. Number three is unnerving and very powerful. Gave me goosebumps and made me wonder, “Who are my people?”


  2. Thanks for sharing your poems with us. Like Dana, I have been pondering if the three are connected, perhaps three poems across a lifetime. The first one really illustrates the challenge of trying something for the first time: shaky but determined. Your last one has me thinking about the things people know and do not know about each of us.



    1. They’re unrelated. The last one I wrote while crying and talking to someone on the phone. She didn’t know I was in tears. I kept talking like everything was fine.


  3. Really loved the last one. It definitely hit a note with me. I read another slice today about answering the question “how are you” truthfully, instead of with “good, you?” Your poem made me think of that all over again.


    1. The idea of answering that question honestly really gets to me. I’ve tried more than once and it was clear that the real answer wasn’t wanted. I no longer ask if I don’t really want to know.


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