All about me bags

All about me bags

It’s the end of week 3 of the new school year here in Antofagasta. In the fourth grade we had our students make Me Bags. Students chose a bag and then decorated them. Inside they put four items that were meaningful to them and then shared it with the class. Here are three items that made me smile during today’s presentations:

1. Ini took out a ball of yarn and crochet needle. She said “This is important to me because my grandma show me how to crochet and I like to make heart with my hands.”

2. Fran took out a hand held globe and said “This is important to me because I can see all the countries and cities in the world.” By the way, his other 3 items were photos and objects from travels that he took with his family.

3. Ant took out a card from her third grade teacher (it was really a letter but she called it a card). She said ” This is a card from Ms. G. She was my favorite teacher and I miss her very much.”

These items made me smile. I am making my own Me Bag this weekend. I can’t wait to share with my students.

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