Tsunami Alarm – False

Tsunami Alarm – False

Tonight the tsunami alarm went off here in Antofagasta. It wasn’t scary at all.

I was standing at my kitchen stove watching my pasta boil when I heard the sound. I heard my roommate ask what was that. “I hope it’s not the sound that I think it is.” I shouted back. But my heart didn’t race. I didn’t run to grab anything. I didn’t even leave the kitchen. I continued watching my pasta boil. And now that I write this I think that’s more scary than anything.

Things I need for my tsunami backpack:

2 liter bottles of water

1 flashlight

granola bars

1 blanket



first aid kit

I have none of these things. I’m hoping there is no tsunami or earthquake tomorrow. I’m headed to the store after school to get what I need for my pack.

Oh, that tsunami alarm turned out to be false. An error is what they are calling it. I should have felt an earthquake first. Maybe that’s why I didn’t move? Then again when your apartment is directly across from the ocean…well..where am I running to?

3 thoughts on “Tsunami Alarm – False

  1. At first, I thought this was going to be a hypothetical tsunami. But when I figured out it was a real (false) alarm, I wondered what the heck do you do to outrun a tsunami?! How many granola bars is enough? What about the lighter to light your candles! I could not handle this situation. We are coming up on tornado season in Missouri. All of my thoughts still fly to the days where people practiced taking cover from the nukes by cowering under their desks. Not much to do but kiss your butt goodbye. I’m glad your alarm was false. You are braver than I could be.


    1. Yes, I think I just stood at the stove because I really couldn’t think of what to do. I live right across from the ocean. We are told to pack an emergency bag and head up to the 10th floor or higher if we feel a little shake. If we feel a huge shake we are to run up to the hill behind our apartments, the hill isn’t that much further and from what I’ve seen you can’t outrun a tsunami. So I’ll get an emergency backpack ready but I’m thinking I’ll probably still end up standing at the stove if a real tsunami comes.


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