Most allowance

Most allowance

For the last two mornings I’ve been listening to Abraham Hicks’ “The path of most allowance.”  It reminds me to make choices that keep me happy. It also reminds me that every night as I fall into sleep every moment of the day is put away and I make the choice to reach back for those moments or move ahead with a new day.

This has been a frustrating beginning and each day I have to remind myself to look for the positives, stay focused on what makes me happy and choose the path of most allowance.

This week I’ve chosen to rest, skip Crossfit and morning runs. Instead I have a glass of red wine and look at the sunset in the evening.

2 thoughts on “Most allowance

  1. While I’m not familiar with this text, I do feel we are at the point in the school year where the winter has been long, the novelty has worn off, and the promise of spring (and even summer break!) weighs on our every move. I definitely feel like that right now. But you are so right — we do need to give ourselves margin to relax; have that glass of wine; watch the sunset. Breathe, in short. Read my slice from today — this is a cautionary tale of what happens when we don’t! 🙂


    1. True indeed. And so I don’t have to just give in and rest my head in the midst of it all, I take the time to do rest a little every day. By the way, I’m only 3 weeks into the school year here in Chile.


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