Saturday morning

Saturday morning

Today I woke up and went straight to the market.

El mercado. Or is it la mercado? I’m still working on my Spanish.

At el mercado, I went to what will become my favorite stall. Why my favorite? Because for every item that I touched, for every item that I pointed at, this lovely woman (whose name I need to ask), translated into Spanish for me. EVERY item. So I bought papas, platanos, zanahorias, tomatos, calabaza, melocoton, y morron.  I already had cebolla and arroz at home.

I then went to the meat market where I bought bistec and pechuga de pavo sin piel.

I came home with my backpack full of goodies and made lunch for the week. Curry chicken with potatoes and carrots. Ropa vieja with pumpkin mash.

I’m excited to eat lunch this week.

I’m even more excited to go back to the market and learn more Spanish. What a pleasant morning.

4 thoughts on “Saturday morning

  1. I love the play with language here. I don’t know much Spanish either, and your post has me wishing I were surrounded by people like this woman who make learning something new a natural part of the human experience. Thanks for sharing!


  2. I have no idea what you said, but it sounds yummy! It’s always good when you get to look forward to what you have for lunch.


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