What to write?

What to write?

I started this as a way of making myself accountable for something. I figured a writing challenge was an easy way to put into practice the idea of doing one thing continuously and consistently. How hard could it be? I like to write, I journal, I’m always having conversations in my head. No wait, make that monologues, a conversation might be a sign of something. Anyway, my point is that I thought it would be simple. But, it’s only day 5 and I’m getting it when I ask my students to write and they look at me and say “I don’t have anything to write about.” Writing every day isn’t easy.

Today I don’t have anything to say. Or maybe I have a lot to say but I don’t think it’s meaningful. Which brings me to the questions; when you write, does it have to have meaning? Who does it have to have meaning for? You, your reader? If you know that what you write will possibly be read, are you okay with writing anything? I thought I was. Turns out I’m not. So I get it now. To all the students I’ve ever taught who I said, “write anything”, just keep the pencil moving or just keep typing. I get it. It’s not as easy as it sounds but I still say, write something down. It’s less about the words and more about getting over the fact that someone will read this. And no it doesn’t have to be meaningful.

3 thoughts on “What to write?

  1. Ah, this seems to happen to all of us sooner or later when taking this challenge. The object (that I’ve found) is to just put something down – whether it’s read or not. You share the frustration of each of us. Keep writing.


    1. There are definitely days that I feel this way too! I think sometimes its just a matter of doing it and knowing that there are days when the writing is good and then other days when it just is.


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