Vivid Dream

Vivid Dream

There was sky and Sun and heat
There were bodies. Yours. Mine.
There were hands on thighs and spaces in between
Touching, limbs brushing past each other, fingers split, roaming into dips and curves
There were hands on the backs of necks, lips on spines, and tongues on the trail from belly to below
There were no groans or moans or screams of passion
There was the lightest of sighs, the softness of breath
I woke up to  your lips on mine, your hands on my cheek
And you lying next to me
None of it was real but it was

3 thoughts on “Vivid Dream

    1. The unedited sure is a bit tame but I just wasn’t sure about the parameters for posts on this challenge. It’s strange that I often think that teacher’s only think about teaching and children. Ha!


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