Camping on the beach and garbage

Camping on the beach and garbage

I love that my bedroom here has a balcony. It looks out onto a beautiful view of the ocean if I look directly in front. Turning my head to the right I see the rest of Antofagasta horseshoe shaped bay in the distance. It looks like an island sitting out on the ocean. Turning my head to the left I see tall mountains in teh distance, more like sand dunes really and the second section of my 17 story apartment building. If I clip and cut correctly it’s a gorgeous scene. But here’s the real picture.

My apartment faces a major road so when I sit outside I also hear the sounds of buses, cars and trucks passing by. And across the street, next to the ocean, people camp. I mean, really camp, fully pitched tents, sometimes RV’s and four wheel dirtbikes too. I love it. I love that people here set up camp by the beach and stay for the weekend or over night or however long. I love that you can smell meat being barbecued and see children running around or moms on those four wheelers with their children sitting in front. I love it. It’s wholesome, it’s sweet, and my love of the ocean appreciates their love of the ocean. What I don’t love?

The trash.  Mounds of trash. Pampers, plastic bags, cigarettes, bottles and cans, pieces of paper, all manner of trash left behind. There are no trash bins at the beach so you either leave it behind or you take it with you. Considering the amount of people that camp out, I’m guessing that most take it with them but there’s just enough that leave it behind that makes the beach a dirty place. So, I have to figure out what to do about the trash. Do I just clean it up on my way to work in the morning? I don’t know, but trash. It’s a problem.

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